On the 15th and 16th of February 2023, 41 people gathered (18 in person at CERN) for FIM4R’s 17th meeting. 

The meeting started with our Research Community updates; Tom for IRIS, Marcus and Peter for NFDI, Hannah and Berk for WLCG, Derek for activities in the US, Tommi for GA4GH and Sakane-san for activities in Japan. This allowed us to get back to the core of FIM4R – uncovering our common challenges and opportunities in identity management.

As well as presentations from Research Communities, we welcomed a presentation from Joss from FIM4L, the Federated Identity Management for Libraries community. Exploring a very different side of a researcher’s academic life – the importance of identity in the library space – was an opportunity to expand the horizons of FIM4R. We agreed to keep communication flowing between the two groups and work closely together where possible.

Heather from Spherical Cow presented the upcoming browser changes to 3rd party cookies, giving us the opportunity to reflect on how this will impact our researchers. Our input is needed here so watch this space for occasions to engage. 

Several FIM4R members (Marcus, Mads, Peter among others) joined forces to present an overview of activities in the SSH space. Work is ongoing to write a whitepaper on recommendations for SSH for research use cases. We look forward to reading it!

Mauladi, a researcher at GWDG presented his thesis topic on self sovereign attribute release for researchers. We look forward to seeing his progress over the coming years!

These are only a few highlights from our very full agenda. The next FIM4R is still to be confirmed. Should you wish to host please don’t hesitate to contact us.