We are happy to announce that the 11th face to face meeting of the FIM4R activity will be held in Montreal, Canada on Monday and Tuesday 18th and 19th September, 2017. Registration for the workshop is now open. This is deliberately co-located with the 10th plenary meeting of RDA (the Research Data Alliance).

The Physics Department of McGill University has very kindly agreed to host the meeting; McGill is located very near to the RDA meeting location. There will be no registration fee for this meeting and attendees should plan on attending for two full days, starting on the Monday morning (arrival on or before Sunday evening is advised).  Please put this event in your diary and start to make your travel plans!

By hosting a meeting in North America we hope to attract several new research communities who have not yet been involved in FIM4R activities. We will invite such communities to present their current use of federated identity management and/or their future requirements. We will continue the work towards a version 2 of the FIM4R paper by gathering updated requirements from the previous research communities and also from those communities who were not previously involved. European members of the FIM4R group will therefore be very welcome and indeed are encouraged to attend and present updates on their activities. The workshop will give an opportunity to review the on-going challenges that research communities face when adopting FIM technologies and to share experiences.

The agenda will include:

  • Reports from new Research Communities
  • Updates from existing FIM4R member communities
  • Invited talks from local identity federations and e-Infrastructures
  • Updates from ongoing projects (AARC, REFEDS, GEANT, eduGAIN)
  • Updates from e-Infrastructures
  • The FIM4R version 2 community survey
  • Progress and plans for FIM4R version 2 paper

We look forward to seeing you in Montreal!