28 people gathered for two days in the Physics department of McGill University, Montreal, to exchange their experiences of implementing robust, distributed AAIs for global Research Communities. The lively discussion between Research Communities, Infrastructures and Technology Providers resulted in a first round of requirements gathering for version 2 of the FIM4R whitepaper. The FIM4Rv2 authors will be rolling up their sleeves over the next few months in order to have a first draft by December 2017, aiming to publish the whitepaper in spring 2018.

Monday’s FIM4R updates gave us some extra insight into the ongoing projects and challenges at a number of research communities including:

  • Virtual Atomic and Molecular Data Centre
  • LIGO (Gravitational Waves)
  • DARIAH (Humanities)
  • Umbrella (Photon & Neutron)
  • ELIXIR, CORBEL and GA4GH (Life Sciences)
  • WLCG (Particle Physics)
  • NIH (Infectious Diseases)

Certain themes are making regular appearances at our FIM4R Workshops; proxies as an essential component, identity layer outsourcing and attribute decoration to name but a few!

Tuesday’s presentations highlighted the challenges from different perspectives, with contributions from:

  • AARC
  • Canarie
  • US Projects such as CoManage and CiLogon
  • Moonshot
  • HNSciCloud
  • EGI Checkin Service

The FIM4R Community will meet again at Internet2’s Technology Exchange in October 2017 and again at TIIME in February 2018.

For slides and notes, please visit the Agenda Page.

Thank you to our hosts at Physics Dept. Univ. McGill for their generosity throughout the workshop!