The FIM4R Community once again enjoyed a productive 1 and a half day workshop at TIIME.

We heard updates from the Umbrella, Life Sciences, LSST, MWA, NIH, ESA and DARIAH Research Communities. Some relevant developments in FIM were presented, including contributions from AARC, GN4 and those working on OIDC Federations. Slides and minutes are available on the Agenda.

It was agreed that the next steps are to continue to progress on the version 2 whitepaper, to be published on Zenodo before the summer. A paper describing the motivation for and strategy of FIM4R will also be submitted to the PEARC Conference. The FIM4R activities will be presented at ISGC in Taipei, Taiwan on March 20th.

The completed version 2 whitepaper will be presented at the FIM4R session at TNC18, in Trondheim, Norway on June 12th.