FIM4R is proud to announce the release of “Federated Identity Management for Research Collaborations” version 2.0. Following the presentation of the final draft at TNC18 on June 12th 2018, the final paper is now published on Zenodo:

This work represents the efforts of more than 20 Research Communities from around the world who have collaborated over the last year to define a common vision for the future of Federated Identity Management for Research. The version 2 white paper constitutes an updated view of the needs and challenges of those operating research infrastructures that leverage Federated Identity. Recommendations in the paper target groups ranging from FIM governance, to home organisations, and to the research communities themselves, and seek to influence the coming evolution of trust and identity. In the spirit of the FIM4R recommendations, all authors have been added with their ORCID. Many thanks to all authors and the many additional individuals who have provided input towards this final version.

The  first exposure of this paper to the public has taken place at the Computing for High Energy Physics (CHEP) Conference in Sofia, Bulgaria, on the 10th of July 2018. Slides are available.